Carpet Cleaning Services in Utah

Action Extraction offers the highest quality carpet cleaning services in Utah, serving the entire Wasatch Front. We do what it takes to achieve maximum soil removal from your carpet. We use the most powerful equipment, the highest quality products, and the best cleaning methods. Our technicians are extremely hardworking and meticulous. They will always treat you and your home with respect and courtesy. If you want an outstanding service experience and maximum soil removal with no soil-attracting residue at a competitive price, give us a call. No other company will remove more soil and spots from your carpet!

Our carpet cleaning process is simple and effective. The basic steps include:
1. Pre-cleaning walk through with homeowner to identify problems areas
2. Measure cleanable square footage of carpet to generate an exact price quote
3. Pre-spray carpet with cleaning product and allow sufficient dwell time for maximum soil removal
4. Pre-spot problem areas with spot removal products
5. Edge carpet with 3.5" edge tool
6. Clean carpet with rotary extractor and neutralizing rinse
7. Post-spot any stubborn spots that didn't come out with pre-spot and cleaning steps
8. Apply carpet protector to carpet and groom in with carpet rake (optional)
9. Post-cleaning walk-through with homeowner