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Water Damage Services

Water Leaks Water Damage Service Near Me

If you have a water damage emergency at your home or businesses along the Wasatch Front, we are available to assist you with our high-powered vacuum.

We have the capacity to handle most water emergencies, but we are small enough to provide you with the excellent customer service that our larger competitors sometimes lack.

*insurance filing not provided.

Give us a call and we will dispatch a water damage mitigation professional to your location.

Water Extraction Services

Our powerful truckmounted water extraction machines and specialty extraction tools allow us to quickly remove the bulk of the water from saturated carpet and carpet pad or standing water in structures.

Water extraction removes most of the water and drastically slows the spread of moisture through the structure.
When water damage occurs, the first reaction for many people is to grab a shop vac and try to extract it themselves. This is a backbreaking and tedious process.
We can extract more water in five minutes than you can in five hours with your shop vac.

Please give us a call immediately if you are in need of Utah water extraction services.

Even if you prefer to do the rest of the cleanup and/or repairs yourself, having us come out and extract the water will be well worth it.

*insurance filing services not available.

Carpet Cleaning Near Me

Carpet and Structure Drying

Water Damage Sewer Damage Service
After the bulk of the water is extracted, the difficult task of drying the structure begins. When you experience a water loss inside your home or business after a flood, it is extremely important to assess the structure and see what materials are holding moisture.

If moisture in walls, subfloors, ceilings, etc. is not detected and dried, it could lead to serious problems in the future. We have the ability to detect moisture in your structure and dry it through the use of dehumidifiers, fans, and other specialty drying equipment.
If you have had a water damage emergency and need carpet or structure drying services, contact us today.

Carpet Repair Services

If carpet pad is removed or carpet is damaged during a water cleanup, we will send one of our qualified carpet repair/installation experts out to take care of the problem.

We also handle general carpet repairs that are unrelated to water damage.
If you’ve had a water damage emergency and are in need of carpet repair services, contact us today.
Carpet Repair Services Salt Lake City

Sewer Damage Cleanup Services

Water Damage Sewer Damage Service
A sewer backup, or category 3 water loss in your home is a very unpleasant experience. However, many people think that water coming up from a floor drain is no big deal, especially if no solid waste, discoloration, or odor is evident.

Regardless of its appearance, water that comes into your structure from a sewer line has the potential to carry pathogens and needs to be treated with caution. Our technicians are trained and experienced in safely cleaning up category 3 water.
If you’ve had a sewer backup or break in your home or business, contact us today to learn more about our services.